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All Plans

  • Client Plan

    Every month
    For Serious Investors, Buyers/Sellers
    • Full access to the same dashboard our team uses!!
    • Drill-down functions, map-analysis features, tons of value!!
    • Unlimited access 24/7
    • All paid dues are 100% refundable at closing, $1,200 max.
    • Buyer Rep. Agreement of 12 months initial term required.
    • 100s of custom coded metrics for tons valuable insights!
    • Conduct research, manipulate data filters, make decisions!
    • Fully interactive experience with the data!
  • Part-Time 70% Team Member

    Every month
    70 rate for Weekend Agents
    • Become a partial owner of the Team.
  • 80% All Team Members

    Every month
    80 Rate for PT and FT
    • 90% All Team Members

      Every month
      All Agents FT and PT
      • Team Member Start-Up Fee

        You still need to start the monthly plan to access the Intel Features
        • One-Time charge to be paid within 3 days of signing up
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