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Who We Are

I'm Juston Braden, CEO of Realetix and it's my pleasure to present to you a real estate analytics platform that will take you very very far in your career.

The Realetix Agent Dashboard is essentially the brainchild of my datascience degree. I started as a licensed realtor in Houston, TX in 2013 and from day one I struggled to find a lucid way of presenting information to my clients in meetings about the market. Most of it came from 3rd party places like magazines and online MLS periodic publications. I had no control over the information I could share with my clients and that was the problem. I wanted to be able to tell a story about an area and be able to compare it to other areas around it so I could help my clients make the best choices. It started with spreadsheets and writing down manually calculated stats. Boy what drain on my time and so hard to convey to my clients and share! Slowly but surely I created Realetix to fix that problem. No longer due you have to painstakingly make query after query. You only click a few filters and all the visualizations adjust automatically presenting the insights to you immediately and on the fly! This platform will take you very far in your career for sure!

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Our Mission

My mission is to provide real estate professionals with a highly interactive platform delivering precise statistical real estate sales information to be used in client meetings, to produce content for advertising and conduct research more efficiently.

The supreme advantage is that YOU have control over the information you want to present. The data is highly customizable and it is always up to date. You can tell a story and/or you can give a snapshot. The possibilities are endless!

Core Values


We continue to innovate by continuing to code into reality new models & metrics for more & more insight capture.

Your Backbone

We see ourselves as the backbone to your tech-enabled career so we cannot ever let you down.


We believe empowering people brings out the best in them. Realetix accomplishes this by utilizing technology to empower you to be a top performing tech-enabled professional! 

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