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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions Last updated: 9/27/2022. 

My Company Realetix ("us", "we", or "our") operates (the "Site").

This page informs you of our terms of service using the Site and the products in it which we produced.


"You" means anyone.

"Licensed" means a real estate professional

"Real estate professional" means a licensed agent.

"We" means Realetix.

"Realtors" means licensed agents.

"Team" mean the team of realtors that works for the Realetix Team.

"Clients" mean non-licensed individuals but have signed a buyer representation agreement with the Realetix Team.


Conditions of Use

by using this website you have certified that you have read and agree to comply with the terms and conditions herein. If you do not wish to comply, we recommend you leave the Site immediately. Realetix only grants use of the products and services to those who have read and accept the terms and conditions.

Terms of Service

Our website, products and services complies with the Terms of Service of the HAR MLS system and you are required to continue to abide by their terms of service. That is because we are not re-commercializing the data. We are only commercializing the analytics platform and that's what you are paying for. For real estate professionals, they already pay for the raw data from CoreLogic but you don't have an adequate means of analyzing it in meaningful and lucid ways. That is where Realetix helps the real estate professional advise better to their clients with insights and improved inferences.


The general public are not allowed to access this data and all users are vetted monthly for compliance. However the general public may sign up for the Daily Update Plan and access aggregated statistical information about the market. In order to comply with CoreLogic's terms of service we do not publish sales prices.


Non-licensed clients are people who wish to access the full scale dashboard and view actual closed prices but they need Realetix agents to help them analyze the market so when they sign up to use Realetix, they must sign a representation agreement with Realetix. This way clients essentially utilize market sales data through the Team. We do not take any responsibility for you misusing the MLS system or if you make any violations of CoreLogic's Terms of service. 

Privacy Policy

Please refer to the privacy policy by clicking here.


User Restrictions

You must either be a licensed real estate professional in the state of Texas or have an active representation agreement with the Realetix Team in order to utilize our full scale dashboards: "Agent Dashboard" or "Client Dashboard." Every year you will be sent an email from us to the email you have on file asking if you are still licensed and you must respond within 30 days saying whether you are actively licensed or not. Non-licensed users will be verified monthly if their representation agreements are still active. If not then you will be prompted to sign a new 12 month agreement which will need to be signed immediately. Any lapse in representation agreement will result in immediate suspension of your account. If we do not get a response from you then we have the right to cancel your membership and remove all of our product and services from your access. It is your responsibility to keep your contact information accurate and valid. Licensed users must also be a member of the Houston Association of Realtors and have current access to the HAR MLS system. We retain the right to investigate any and all members for validity of their license and their status with the HAR MLS. If we find any licensed users are disqualified by these terms then we will immediately suspend your membership status with or without notice. You may inform us when you qualify under these terms and we will allow you to sign back up.

Age Restriction

You must be at least 18 years of age and of sound mind to make this agreement. We do not take any responsibility for misrepresentation of age.



To use our products and services you must create an account which requires you to enter some personal information. It is your responsibility to ensure that your contact information is accurate and that you take all means to protect your username and password and other private information. We will also do our best to protect your private information. If you think there are any possible safety issues with your account please inform us immediately. We reserve the right to terminate any accounts including yours, to add, edit or remove content or cancel orders at our sole discretion for any reason or no reason at all. 

One User Per Account

You agree not to share your login credentials with anyone else so that they may use your account to log in as you and utilize our products and service. Such action is fraudulent and we have zero tolerance for that. Your account will be terminated immediately should we find that you have shared your credentials with others so that they can use our products and services as if they are you. Only the individual that signed up for their account may use their account.  If you are a broker with agents on your team, then your agents must have their own paid accounts each. They cannot use your account. Assistants cannot use your account because they are not actively licensed. To be anymore clear: One user per paid account and the user that is named in the sign up information is the only user allowed to use our products and services for that account. Any violations will not be tolerated.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

All members including paying members are to never share the dashboard or any part of the dashboard with anyone else. You are prohibited from clicking the share button in the bottom right corner and sending out anywhere. Know that when you share the dashboard, the person or people that receive it are able to use the dashboard just the same as you are and this is strictly not allowed. By sharing the dashboard you are effectively allowing others to use your account whom are not you and this is strictly prohibited. Until I can remove the share function from the dashboard, no members are allowed to use it. There is a zero tolerance policy on this and any account doing this will be suspended with or without notice. Any account suspended under this paragraph may be suspended for any time period or indefinitely at our sole discretion. You are allowed to share the dashboard with your clients in meetings, at open houses, on zoom meetings with clients and over the phone with clients. You may also take screenshots, make annotations and distribute to your clients as you see fit as long as it follows TREC guidelines and follows the law. You just cannot give your clients access to the dashboard's full use functions because they are not licensed real estate agents so they are not allowed to have it. You also cannot share the dashboard's full use functions to other agents because that would violate the One User Per Account Agreement described above. Until I am able to remove the share function on the dashboard we are utilizing preventive measures to keep sharing from happening but it is not full proof.


It is strictly prohibited to share any of the intellectual property and/or trade secrets of Realetix including but not limited to data, data-insights, codes, designs, structure, patterns, the dashboard itself and all of its functions with anyone, on a website, in a blog, on someone else's website, on social media, on video, audio, radio in writing, or published elsewhere without the explicit permission of Juston Braden. There's no tolerance for this activity and if found to be done so, you will be held accountable by the full extent of the law and your account will be immediately terminated. Your integrity and adherence to this policy is required to continue using our products and services and it is also appreciated.

Service requests

Any and all service request will be emailed to us via the website. All service requests will be responded to as soon as we are able and we always try to get to all of them within 24 hours. 

Possible Down Times

The platform which all of the dashboards and reports sit on comes from Microsoft Power BI service. It is probable that occasionally their will be some lead time in between refreshes of data into the system. If this happens you will notice it because things will look like they did yesterday. If this happens just know that it is normal and it should update with refreshed data soon. Know that this is not in my control. However even with the periodical lags in refreshes, the data is still very current, timely and relevant for your needs. You can still use it by plugging in properties of interest and running the stats on the areas. The downtime would mostly be an issue for "deals of the day" type of inquiries. 

Refund Policy

If you are in the 7 day refund time period which is 7 days from when you signed up and started a paid membership account, then you can send an email to us on this website requesting the refund and we will begin the refund within 72 hours from your request and we will terminate your paid membership. Please allow sufficient time for our bank and your bank to send and receive the funds.


By visiting this site you agree that any and all disputes will be handled by Texas law in Harris County and the process of law shall be governed by Texas Law. 


Any disputes shall be handled by mediation between you and us. Arbitration would be the next step and you agree to handle any disputes exclusively by mediation or arbitration.


You agree to Indemnify Realetix, it's officers, it's associates & the owner and hold harmless from any legal claims and demands that may arise from your use or misuse of our product and services. We reserve the right to select our own legal counsel.

Limit of Liability

We are not held liable for any damages that may occur as a result of you misusing our product and services. We reserve the right to edit, modify, and change this Agreement at any time. We shall let our users know by e-mail. This Agreement is an understanding between us and the user and it supersedes all prior agreements made with the user on the use of this website and the products and services.


By continuing to use Realetix and it's services, you agree to any updates made to these Terms of Service. Notice will be written here on this page and it is your responsibility to check and inquire about anything you see in it. 

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