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Why Join?

  1. Be part of a Team and maximize your professional growth faster with collaboration and state-of-the art training.

  2. Training consists of an initial 2-week training course form 6-9pm M-F to make you an analyst.

  3. After training we meet once per week for continuing education.

  4. You will become an expert market analyst in residential real estate far more knowledgeable than the quintessential realtor!

  5. Our Tech is insane and it is the X-Factor you need to make it big! 

    1. Dashboard analytics​

    2. Produce analytical reports for your clients in mere minutes

    3. Machine learning algorithms for statistical valuation estimates.

    4. Webscraping mechanisms to deliver leads.

      1. FSBOs!​

      2. Wholesale deals!

      3. Just married!

      4. Just divorced!

  6. We continuously study promulgated addenda so that we can navigate and negotiate the best terms.

  7. Work real estate like a science but getting to granular level metrics such as being able to rate individual neighborhoods on performance of price and volume and demand. Rate areas based on their optimal return on investment.

  8. You now have the BEST tools to obtain investor clients that buy over and over again!

  9. Full time agents are assigned LICENSED lead-generator agents.

  10. Leads come from other agents hosting open houses so you are getting high-dollar leads whom are people actively in the market now and are legit real people!

  11. The first 50 team members get an equity % in the tech company! The source of our intel!! We have 13 agents now as of August 2023!

  12. Choose a flexible split structure from $0/mo for 70%, $75/mo. for 80% or $100/mo. for 90%. 

  13. Commission CAP of $18,000 then the split goes away for 90% plan holders! 

  14. Company Paid CRM to manage your leads with automation free!!

  15. Obtain a professional email 'YourName'

  16. 24/7 broker access for questions on the weird gray area stuff!

  17. Staffed transaction coordinators and receptionists to receive checks and payments.

  18. HomeSmart suite of online educational videos and in-person trainings, monthly meetings and one-on-ones. Many many resources for your development here!

  19. Minimum team monthly dues are only $0/mo. for FT or $50 for PT.

  20. So don't be dumb. Get smart and join HomeSmart and the Realetix Team!

Meet The Team

Team Activities

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