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Our Team

We work residential real estate like a science!

Our team offers a unique service to our clients that enables us to give them the kind of intelligent decision making advice they are searching for in helping them make their real estate decisions. From our proprietary intelligence platform called we are able to deliver sound advice with precision and clarity allowing us to execute to the highest level in your best interest. That's the Realetix Team difference. Get in touch for a free consultation and learn how we can benefit you as your dedicated real estate agent team.


Our Team Creed

We work real estate like a science.

We are real estate intelligence agents.

We provide intelligent real estate advice to our clients.

We translate the language of the real estate market.

We protect our clients’ interests with intelligent strategy.

We know the contracts & addenda like the back of our hands.

We navigate & negotiate the best terms in the contract for our clients.

We communicate highly effectively.

Nothing is assumed & nothing slips through the cracks in our responsibilities.

We approach our industry with professional skepticism.

We handle our profession with the highest level of integrity.

We are highly trained professional real estate agents.

We give back to our community & encourage success

Meet The Team

Team Activities

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