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We are a real estate intelligence service team specializing in delivering data-driven insights on residential real estate with precision to optimize home purchase decision-making. When you're considering your approach to buying or selling a house, the ONLY way to do it in this economic environment is by using our team of analysts. 

Book a free consultation below! We are helping dozens of first-time home buyers, experienced home buyers, investors and homeowners like yourself delivering clarity and expertise in an extremely volatile market in Houston!


We have a real estate team of intelligence specialists ready to work for you

  • Our realtors are trained hard and comprehensively.

  • They are constantly put to the test to make sure your representation is top notch.

  • They graduate through a rigorous process of analytics training in relation to real estate.

  • They have a keen eye for deals and opportunities.

  • Each agent delivers data-driven insights so you can make well-informed decisions for high confidence.

  • They work fast and prompt so no time is wasted.

  • They communicate with a remarkable level of promptness.

  • They are always well prepared and ready to answer your questions on properties and contracts.

  • They are master strategists for making offers and working contract terms.

How it will help your career

We Provide Real Estate Advice Better Than You've Ever Seen. Here's How:

  • Our CEO is the developer of the most comprehensive real estate analytics software out there! It's called and it is the core of what we do and how we provide top-notch client service. Learn more about it here at

  • With the power of our team is in position to provide to you:

    • Clarity in the real estate market​

    • Confidence in your purchase decision

    • Strategic planning and execution

      • Building wealth in real estate​

      • Purchasing your next home

    • Backbone in negotiating the sales price and repairs during the contract

    • proper expectations for what you will face as a buyer or seller in todays market

    • A successful closing with minimal deviation and a much smoother overall transaction

  • And because our CEO is the engineer behind it all, he works hand in hand with us while we work with you on your real estate transaction. No other team can claim this!

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