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Realetix is an intelligence platform made to deliver data-driven insights on residential real estate.

When you're considering your approach to real estate, the ONLY way to do it is the smart way: Analytics.

Our platform is the ONLY one that delivers custom micro-level analytics where you can get the numbers down to as custom as the actual neighborhood and property features! With the power of the numbers you have the power to make the best real estate selections for your ambitions, your portfolio, or your clients. Have the ultimate competitive advantage all right here at! 

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We have a real estate team of intelligence specialists ready to work for you

  • Our realtors are trained hard and comprehensively.

  • They are constantly put to the test to make sure your representation is top notch.

  • They graduate through a rigorous process of analytics training in relation to real estate.

  • They have a keen eye for deals and opportunities.

  • Each agent delivers data-driven insights so you can make well-informed decisions for high confidence.

  • They work fast and prompt so no time is wasted.

  • They communicate with a remarkable level of promptness.

  • They are always well prepared and ready to answer your questions on properties and contracts.

  • They are master strategists for making offers and working contract terms.


The Power of Micro-level Analytics:

Dramatically improved decision making from day 1!

Identify the best areas to purchase in by noting where the sales volume is increasing most. 

Far better ability to negotiate prices!

Identify equity positions in listings with ease so you can deliver competitive offers!

Market research made easy with visualizations!

Peruse through the metrics, measures and visualizations to become the ultimate real estate market expert!

Flexibility and Expedience!

It's fast, it's easy to use, and it will make your job a whole lot easier. Approach your real estate endeavors with confidence!

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