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4619 Verone

On this page you will see my analysis made on this property and my descriptive advice on how to approach 4619 Verone. 

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Dashboard Analysis: 4619 Verone

Over the last 6 months homes in the Bellaire area with similarities that are single-family detached houses there are the following:

  • 22 sales

  • $1,438,500 / $273 psft Median Sales Price

  • Taking 57 days to sell

  • Seen a 8.2% Year over Year price appreciation

  • Generally built in 2005 so a bit old

  • Sell for 90.8% of their original list price.

  • 2.73 months inventory

Screenshot 2023-03-12 125846.png

What does it all mean? First of all 22 sales in 6 months is pretty good volume which indicates a strong existing market and we want to see that. However for 4619 Verone the sales show a median SP of $1,438,500 which is well below the asking price. This Median SP represents mostly older homes built around 20 years ago in 2005 so we can place a premium on this home as brand new. There are other benefits that come with new such as energy efficiency, most recent building codes, home warranties, trendy architecture with open floor plans and soaring ceilings. Based on the market conditions we face now I could place a best value at $1,898,885 as shown in the top gauge. With the sold homes taking 67 days to sell, we see that buyers can be selective. However inventory is pretty low at 2.73 months and homes sell at a little more than an 9% discount. Overall Houston sits at 3.2 months for context. This means that if we stop listing houses for sale it will take 3.2 months to sell all of it. So if with inventory that low and it taken 2 months to sell a house, the demand to live there is prevalent but there are some garbage listings in the area and over-priced ones. The appreciation of 8.2% is encouraging. That means the sale prices are higher than they were for the same period last year. Lets take a look at the area: 

Map review

The location is not the best but the lot size 8,910 SF is great.

  • About 5 or so houses from the freeway is not ideal but for this area it's tough to avoid noise.

  • Proximity to the schools is favorable and the schools are rated highly.

  • Convenient shopping experiences are only a few minutes away. 

  • Upscale shopping just 10 minutes away in the Galleria and Uptown.

  • Only downside is the home is in the 100 yr flood plain but the house is built above the plain.

Screenshot 2023-03-12 001537.png

So is 4619 Verone a good buy? For the right price. At least for the market we face now. This house is a beauty no doubt but they are asking River Oaks area price. We would need to get this house for under $1.9 million. I can compute a thorough 6 step price analysis on this property and send it to you. (Contact form is down so just shoot me a text with your email 832-622-7723 (My name is Juston braden).

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