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16234 Congo Ln

On this page you will see my analysis made on this property and my descriptive advice on how to approach 16234 Congo Ln. 

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Dashboard Analysis

Over the last 9 months homes in the Jersey Village area with similarities that are single-family detached houses there are the following:

  • 9 sales

  • $342,500 / $163 psft Median Sales Price

  • Taking 16 days to sell

  • Seen a 6.9% Year over Year price appreciation

  • Generally built in 1977 so a bit old

  • Sell for 98% of their original list price.

Screenshot 2023-03-15 190602.png

What does it all mean? The highest value I can place on this house is $388,376 as shown in the 1st gauge. Therefore, the house is over-priced by at least $6,000. with these taking 16 days to sell, a low inventory level and close prices at 98% of their original list prices, the area is a seller's market. Many of these homes built in 1977 are going to need a lead-based paint inspection, a structural inspection and a hydrostatic test. With a 6.9% year over year appreciation in sales prices for this category of home, given the state of the market, this is a respectable increase.

Map review

The lot location is an internal lot within the subdivision

  • Due to us being near the western edge of the subdivision, the road noise from the freeway is mot likely a problem.

  • Proximity to the high school is excellent.

  • Convenient shopping experiences are only a few minutes away. 

  • Nearby Kroger and HEB grocery stores

  • B-rated schools.

  • Convenient access to beltway 8 and 290

Screenshot 2023-03-15 192102.png

This home has a good proximity within the city when it comes to jobs, shopping, and commute times around the city. $395,000 is too much however and we would need to get the price under $388,000. The cost of the contract could get a bit pricey with all of the inspections needed. I can compute a thorough 6 step price analysis on this property and send it to you. (Contact form is down so just shoot me a text with your email 832-622-7723 (My name is Juston braden).

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